nmn::Nurbs< Coordinates, _parameter_count >::Evaluator< Owner, 1 > Struct Template Reference

#include <nurbs.h>

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Public Member Functions

void operator() (Owner &nurbs, Matrix< Coordinates, 1 > &evaluated_points, Float *parameters, const UnsignedInt &precision_level)
 not yet documented

template<typename Coordinates, UnsignedInt _parameter_count = 0>
template<typename Owner>
struct nmn::Nurbs< Coordinates, _parameter_count >::Evaluator< Owner, 1 >

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Coordinates, UnsignedInt _parameter_count>
template<typename Owner>
void nmn::Nurbs< Coordinates, _parameter_count >::Evaluator< Owner, 1 >::operator() ( Owner &  nurbs,
Matrix< Coordinates, 1 > &  evaluated_points,
Float parameters,
const UnsignedInt precision_level 

not yet documented

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